What I learned #J360

I actually learned many things about social media this semester. I learned how to use social media for more than just entertainment. I learned how to use social media in order to promote yourself as a professional. I also learned that networking is important, and the easiest way to connect with others is through the use of social media. The popularity of social media has led to new opportunities. It has never been easier to connect with professionals from all over the world. Social media, in my opinion, posting appropriate content can add to a person’s credibility. Social media is a reflection of your interests, and experiences. When employers view your social media cites I feel as though they would be pleased to see some of your interests, and get to know some information about you. Sometimes social media can create a better impression of who a person is than an interview could. Not everyone uses social media the way they should. I do not understand why people post questionable things on social media because once they are on the internet, they are on the internet forever. I personally prefer to not use social media because to me it is just another distraction.


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