What I learned about social media. #J360

Throughout the semester, I realized that keeping up with social media is hard work, and takes a lot of time. When I was using social media simply for fun, I could go on whenever and post whatever. Now that I am required to post a certain amount of information online,and it takes time to find good articles to post. There are so many articles that appear on my news feed (especially on Facebook), it is difficult to go through them all looking for relevant information. Not only that, but you have to be aware that fake news cites put out fake news articles that seem as though they could be real. Another thing I learned is that I have to be extremely careful what I post on social media because people are always looking. If I post anything remotely inappropriate, then I will definitely be hearing about it later. With that being said,once this class is over I plan on deleting all of my social media cites at least until I start looking for a career. Right now I do not have any professional connections so there is no reason for me to have social media cites. I feel as though once I have the necessary qualifications and experience to post about on social media I will use it.



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