Web Video #J360

I was recently thinking about the video that Daniel Tosh made on Tosh.O, in which he asked the audience what they think would make up the funniest video. He asked several people what they would like to see in the video, and the answers were extremely random. With that information Tosh compiled a short thirty second clip of all of the things the people wanted to see in the video, and it was different to say the least.  I wish I was able to find a link to the video clip so that you could see what came to be when Tosh let the audience decide what the video should be. It was in one of the earlier seasons, so the video is lost somewhere on the hundreds of pages of videos from Tosh.0. I personally did not know what to think about it, it really included everything. It was extremely random. That also got me thinking about what elements make a video funny? I know the there are certain elements that I think are humorous. With that being said I realize that there are things that others find humorous that I do not. So how exactly does a video go viral? I am extremely interested to find out what elements appeal to the masses. This is a subject that I would definitely enjoy analyzing.


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