Twitter #J360

Last week’s blog post was supposed to be about Twitter,but since I wrote it about an article that I found on Twitter I figured I should write this post about Twitter itself. The Twitter account that I created for J360 actually was not my first Twitter account, I previously had an account that I decided to deactivate years ago (for whatever reason). My first account was opened in 2011 when I went to college. To be honest I had never really heard of Twitter until that point, nor was I a huge fan of social media in general. I was in the process of joining a sorority, and at that point social media became a useful tool in my life. We were able to discuss and promote upcoming social events, as well as promote our club in general. At first I was absolutely in love with Twitter (because all of my friends used it as their main way of communication). It was more likely that you were able to get a hold of one of my friends by Tweeting them in class than it would be to call them at any time. To me personally I would rather call someone because I can use a lot more than 140 characters, but the people on campus seemed to enjoy Twitter. I feel personally that I would rather use Twitter for promoting businesses. Twitter seems to be extremely successful for promoting, but I do not like using it for personal reasons because its limitations don’t allow any sort of depth. Once I left Muskingum University, I deleted my Twitter account because I felt as though I had no reason to use it anymore. Recently (due to this class) I realize that there are ways that you can use Twitter just for fun. At first I was dreading posting on Twitter 25+ times a week, but now I very much enjoy it because I am able to just share my thoughts with the cyber world. Plus people are extremely funny on Twitter.


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