LinkedIn Article Review #J360

Before I began taking this journalism class I did not have a LinkedIn account, in fact I have never even heard of LinkedIn. It was a challenge to create an account because I was not sure what I should even be posting on LinkedIn. LinkedIn seems like a very professional social media platform, and to be honest I thought that I did not have any professional skills that would attract employers. I recently found an article titled The Most Popular Skills To Show Off On LinkedIn, and I quickly realized that not all of your interests and skills have to be CEO experience. In the article the writer states that even if you have an Xbox you should flaunt that skill because you could attract employers that are in the field of graphic design, advertising for Xbox, etc. Even experience as a  barista is a valuable skill to share with the LinkedIn world. In fact, a barista is one of three jobs that are the fastest growing non IT positions currently, along with zumba instructor, and CPR instructor. Regardless of what your profession is, it is important to put professional skills on your LinkedIn because people who do have skills listed end up getting 13 percent more views than the average user. With that being said, I can see how LinkedIn could be extremely beneficial for professionals to find lifetime careers. Personally, I do not like LinkedIn because I do not know how to use it to the extent that it would help me find a job, plus I am struggling with deciding who I should connect with. Honestly, I am not professional all of the time,and I feel as though you would have to be in order to get noticed on LinkedIn. Anyhow, to the people who are fans of LinkedIn you should check out this article because it could help you improve your profile!

Here is the link:

Works cited

“The Most Popular Skills to Show Off on LinkedIn.” N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Oct. 2014. <;.



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