Twitter article. Week 4. #J360

When I find my articles I like to search news on Twitter, and I yet again found an article that blew my mind. The article was titled Ancient Skeletons Found Holding Hands In England. This title immediately caught my attention. I went on to read that “archaeologists with the University of Leicester uncovered remains of two skeletons holding hands believed to have been resting that way for at least 700 years”. Due to the radiocarbon in the bones, scientists could date the skeletons all the way back to the 14th century. What a love story! The notebook has nothing on this couple buried in the rubble under the “lost chapel of St. Morell,” which overlooks the small village of Hallaton in Leicestershire, England. I would like to believe that their love was so strong that even in death they wanted to be together, which is unbelievable. Eleven skeletons have been found, in total, so far, but personally nothing is as amazing as the skeletons arm locked for 700 hundred years. Archaeologists believe that this was a special burial ground for Pilgrims, which is why it was no surprise why there were skeletons in the ground. The cause of death is still unknown, some believe that the cause of death could have been blunt trauma, but others say the way some of the skeletons were found could have meant they had a disease. That would be my guess as to why there are so many people buried so close together. Back in that time if you had a disease you were completely isolated and buried with other victims, because there was no medicine. There are so many questions that I would like to see answered, like how did the couple end up there together? With modern technology I am sure that we will soon have all of the answers to this mystery, but what an archaeological find! Could this be the next big part of history? Could this be the answers to mysteries in the past? This is so interesting to me, and I cannot wait until more is released to the news about this story. I will make sure to keep everyone updated!

Here is a link to the article. You guys should check it out because the pictures are absolutely amazing!

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