Social Media #J360

Personally I feel as though social media is extremely important in our society today. Social media is bringing people closer together by being able to send a message half way across the world with just the click of a button. Social media allows friends and family to keep in touch no matter where they are, which I is great because for people like me (who have moved around a lot). Social media has allowed me to keep in touch with my sorority sisters who live in Ohio, my parents who live in Pittsburgh, and my family who lives anywhere from Italy to Florida. Not only can one keep in touch with one another, but you can also send information to a large amount of people in half of the time it would have taken, ten years ago. With that being said social media can be good and bad. It can be great because it allows people to stay connected and could be a great source of news, but it can also be bad because some social media cites (to me) seem like a complete breech of privacy. My biggest concern with social media is the credibility of the news sources that are being widely spread. It seems to me that people see an article on Facebook or on Twitter, and immediately assumes it to be true, and most of the time the story is fabricated in some way. However, there could be reliable sources of information on social media, but users tend to believe everything they see. As great as I think social media is, it is also overwhelmed with advertisements, which is very annoying. Every company has a Facebook, Twitter, ect, where they post and basically are allowed to advertise for free, and people feed right into the companies agendas by following them and sharing their posts, causing the company to gain more customers. Overall I enjoy social media, although I know some people that use social media a little bit too much, I don’t feel the need to know what my friends are doing every second of everyday, but it is the fastest and easiest form of communication/expression. From this class I hope to learn to use some of the social media cites I created (lol), as well as learn to better appreciate what social media can do not only from a social aspect, but from a professional aspect. To be completely honest the only social media cites that I used previously would be Facebook and Tumblr, which was difficult enough to keep up with. So I also hope to learn from this class how to better manage my time while keeping in touch with all of my old friends, and keeping up with so many new (to me) social media cites.

I also found an article that interested me


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