What I learned #J360

I actually learned many things about social media this semester. I learned how to use social media for more than just entertainment. I learned how to use social media in order to promote yourself as a professional. I also learned that networking is important, and the easiest way to connect with others is through the use of social media. The popularity of social media has led to new opportunities. It has never been easier to connect with professionals from all over the world. Social media, in my opinion, posting appropriate content can add to a person’s credibility. Social media is a reflection of your interests, and experiences. When employers view your social media cites I feel as though they would be pleased to see some of your interests, and get to know some information about you. Sometimes social media can create a better impression of who a person is than an interview could. Not everyone uses social media the way they should. I do not understand why people post questionable things on social media because once they are on the internet, they are on the internet forever. I personally prefer to not use social media because to me it is just another distraction.

What I learned about social media. #J360

Throughout the semester, I realized that keeping up with social media is hard work, and takes a lot of time. When I was using social media simply for fun, I could go on whenever and post whatever. Now that I am required to post a certain amount of information online,and it takes time to find good articles to post. There are so many articles that appear on my news feed (especially on Facebook), it is difficult to go through them all looking for relevant information. Not only that, but you have to be aware that fake news cites put out fake news articles that seem as though they could be real. Another thing I learned is that I have to be extremely careful what I post on social media because people are always looking. If I post anything remotely inappropriate, then I will definitely be hearing about it later. With that being said,once this class is over I plan on deleting all of my social media cites at least until I start looking for a career. Right now I do not have any professional connections so there is no reason for me to have social media cites. I feel as though once I have the necessary qualifications and experience to post about on social media I will use it.


Web Video #J360

I was recently thinking about the video that Daniel Tosh made on Tosh.O, in which he asked the audience what they think would make up the funniest video. He asked several people what they would like to see in the video, and the answers were extremely random. With that information Tosh compiled a short thirty second clip of all of the things the people wanted to see in the video, and it was different to say the least.  I wish I was able to find a link to the video clip so that you could see what came to be when Tosh let the audience decide what the video should be. It was in one of the earlier seasons, so the video is lost somewhere on the hundreds of pages of videos from Tosh.0. I personally did not know what to think about it, it really included everything. It was extremely random. That also got me thinking about what elements make a video funny? I know the there are certain elements that I think are humorous. With that being said I realize that there are things that others find humorous that I do not. So how exactly does a video go viral? I am extremely interested to find out what elements appeal to the masses. This is a subject that I would definitely enjoy analyzing.

Twitter #J360

Last week’s blog post was supposed to be about Twitter,but since I wrote it about an article that I found on Twitter I figured I should write this post about Twitter itself. The Twitter account that I created for J360 actually was not my first Twitter account, I previously had an account that I decided to deactivate years ago (for whatever reason). My first account was opened in 2011 when I went to college. To be honest I had never really heard of Twitter until that point, nor was I a huge fan of social media in general. I was in the process of joining a sorority, and at that point social media became a useful tool in my life. We were able to discuss and promote upcoming social events, as well as promote our club in general. At first I was absolutely in love with Twitter (because all of my friends used it as their main way of communication). It was more likely that you were able to get a hold of one of my friends by Tweeting them in class than it would be to call them at any time. To me personally I would rather call someone because I can use a lot more than 140 characters, but the people on campus seemed to enjoy Twitter. I feel personally that I would rather use Twitter for promoting businesses. Twitter seems to be extremely successful for promoting, but I do not like using it for personal reasons because its limitations don’t allow any sort of depth. Once I left Muskingum University, I deleted my Twitter account because I felt as though I had no reason to use it anymore. Recently (due to this class) I realize that there are ways that you can use Twitter just for fun. At first I was dreading posting on Twitter 25+ times a week, but now I very much enjoy it because I am able to just share my thoughts with the cyber world. Plus people are extremely funny on Twitter.

LinkedIn Article Review #J360

Before I began taking this journalism class I did not have a LinkedIn account, in fact I have never even heard of LinkedIn. It was a challenge to create an account because I was not sure what I should even be posting on LinkedIn. LinkedIn seems like a very professional social media platform, and to be honest I thought that I did not have any professional skills that would attract employers. I recently found an article titled The Most Popular Skills To Show Off On LinkedIn, and I quickly realized that not all of your interests and skills have to be CEO experience. In the article the writer states that even if you have an Xbox you should flaunt that skill because you could attract employers that are in the field of graphic design, advertising for Xbox, etc. Even experience as a  barista is a valuable skill to share with the LinkedIn world. In fact, a barista is one of three jobs that are the fastest growing non IT positions currently, along with zumba instructor, and CPR instructor. Regardless of what your profession is, it is important to put professional skills on your LinkedIn because people who do have skills listed end up getting 13 percent more views than the average user. With that being said, I can see how LinkedIn could be extremely beneficial for professionals to find lifetime careers. Personally, I do not like LinkedIn because I do not know how to use it to the extent that it would help me find a job, plus I am struggling with deciding who I should connect with. Honestly, I am not professional all of the time,and I feel as though you would have to be in order to get noticed on LinkedIn. Anyhow, to the people who are fans of LinkedIn you should check out this article because it could help you improve your profile!

Here is the link: http://www.inc.com/jill-krasny/what-skills-to-showcase-on-linkedin.html

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Branding Yourself: How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself Review

For this week’s post I read the book, Branding Yourself: How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself by Erik Deckerds and Kyle Lacy. I feel as though this book fits directly in with the curriculum of Journalism 360, and also describes in detail the professional uses of each social media platform, as well as how you should present yourself in order to attract future employers. The book begins by explaining the proper way to self-promote or “brand” one’s self on social media. This is something that I personally have always struggled with, because I want the world to see that I am doing well, but I do not want to seem like I am bragging about myself. I learned that self-promotion is a main factor is the only way to let employers, and other people know who you are, and what you do.  Self-promoting can make you very successful, if done correctly. Self-promoting ties directly in with personal branding, meaning it is important to create a profile that warrants the emotional response you want an employer to have when they see your profile, or meet you in person. An example in the book is; if you’re a comedian, and you want to promote your business then your profile would have to reflect your humorous nature, and it is even a good idea to post some of your routines to be recognized.

There are five universal objectives of personal branding; discovering your passion, be bold, tell your story, create relationships, and taking action. It is important to discover your passion in order to achieve your goal. When using social media in a professional sense it is important to connect with people who share the same passions as you do, so that ultimately they can help you get a career in your field of interest. Be bold, and do not be afraid to talk about yourself (within reason) on social media sites. The only way for people to know the things that you have accomplished, is if you tell them in a manner that does not make you seem like anyone that you are not. You cannot claim that you were the general manager at a restaurant, if you only have assistant manager training. However, when talking about yourself make sure that the content is appropriate; no employer wants to know that you went to the club and got wasted. Tell your story; this is the most difficult and time consuming part of branding yourself because you have to let the word know who you are without constantly talking about yourself. While it is okay to talk about yourself sometimes, you can be more successful by talking to others about their achievements and similar interests. Another way to go about telling your story without talking about yourself would simply be to live that life. Stories can be told through check-ins on Foursquare, pictures on Instagram, and even liked events on Facebook. It is important to keep in mind that all of the information on social media is available to basically anyone, so be cautious with the images you post, or the things that you say because once they are on the internet employers can have access to them with the click of a link. Creating relationships is also important when self branding because relationships lead to opportunities. My mother always said to me “it’s all about who you know”, and to some degree that is true the more people that you are connected to the better chance they can open a new door of opportunity for you. The final objective is to take action; if you have business plans then you need to spread the word to put those plans in motion. If you want to be recognized in your field then you have to work hard in hopes that social media will lead you to the right person at the right time. Reading this book really showed me that it is important to network when you are trying to establish a career.

Even if you are not on social media as a professional, it is still important to choose the events that you feel comfortable sharing with the world, and keep the rest of your life private. There are some dos and don’ts of posting regardless of your social media goals. Even if your target audience is not future employers, family members also have access to your social media sites so do not post any pictures that would “shock your mother”. Do not use your personal brand story as a marketing pitch because it makes you seem too eager. Do not ask for things first, wait and ask for things second. Other people can be a great marketing tool, and most are willing to help. If someone asks for help, help them, but remember that for the next time you need help. They will be more willing to help you if you have helped them in the past. Also, try not to ask for help too much because then people will not want to help you because they will feel as though they are being used to some degree. Do not get distracted, when telling your brand story make sure to stay on topic and focused so that employers can see you true potential. Do not underestimate the power of your social network. The people you associate yourself with could lead you to the next big opportunity, so it is important to stay connected to people that share similar interests. Invest in yourself, create a blog, or a podcast to get your message out there. Invest in other people, and help them promote themselves. Finally, the last bit of blogging advice would be to be visible and active. The more open you are the more approachable you seem to be by future employers.

Why blog? Bogging is a form of self-expression that allows you to connect with people who share the same interests as you do. It is so important to blog because social media can be used in so many different ways. Blogging can be used to show your expertise, it can be used to sell or market something, or it could be used simply because you have something that you want to say. There are so many social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Google plus, WordPress, and even MySpace. Some social media sites are much more business oriented than others. It is easy to see the vibe, if you will of the social media site once you have logged on. There are some sites such as Twitter that you can create posts just about as many times a day as you would like, but for sites such as LinkedIn it is a much more professional setting. LinkedIn is a business oriented site, where professionals can connect with other professionals within their field, so it is important to only post things that are important. It would be inappropriate to post everything that you are doing over the weekend. Twitter and Facebook are more relaxed. Usually, in my opinion Twitter and Facebook is used primarily for personal use only. However, if you have a business then Twitter and Facebook can be used to promote your business. You can post as much as you like on most social media sites, just make sure the content is appropriate because people will be able to see it. PR and social media tie directly into the content of the book that I read, because it is all about how to establish yourself professionally by using social media as a tool. I learned so much about what I should and should not do online, and what content belongs on which social media site. I also learned that by using social media you can basically achieve anything you want because there are professionals that are also on social media that are willing to help people especially college students. With social media the possibilities are limitless.

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